The dream of the owners of the plot – with an area of approximately 1000 m2 – is to create a space for relaxation and fun. The plot is to contain fruit trees and bushes to taste fruit from your own garden, and a place to grow vegetables. The space should also be animal-friendly. The garden is to be filled with coniferous and deciduous plants, creating an interesting color combination in flower beds.

The project that meets the expectations of the owners was prepared by Beata Puła – one of our landscape architects.

The concept of the garden was based on free lines, giving the assumption a naturalistic character, harmonizing with the surroundings of the plot.

The entire layout was divided into functional zones.

In front of the terrace, colorful, irregularly shaped beds create a relaxation area.

Shrubs with maroon foliage, such as the wigwort with original inflorescences and easy-to-grow barberry, will be a strong and interesting color accent in the garden. The flowerbeds also feature a low, evergreen variety of balsam fir, evergreen awena whose inflorescences add lightness to the composition, a peach-leaved bellflower that blooms in June or vertical accents – conical evergreen thuja.

The space of the proper garden, limited by plantings, is an active recreation zone – a place for games and activities. The interior is dominated by a garden solitaire – a variety of birch with maroon leaves that will provide shade during hot summer days.

At the southern border, surrounded by a discount with decorative plantings, a gazebo was located – a place for meetings and common meals. A path made of sliding concrete slabs leads to it.

In the south-eastern part of the garden, the plantings create a zone for the youngest with a gourmet’s corner – a bed with fruit bushes.

Behind the house there is a utility zone – a vegetable garden. It is separated by low, evergreen walls – a boxwood hedge. On the permeable gravel surface, raised discounts have been proposed, in which the owners will be able to grow herbs, vegetables or fruit.

A driveway with a permeable surface – gravel leads to the carport. In this part of the garden there is also a room for tools.

The whole arrangement allows you to use the space for active recreation and relaxation. In the summer season, when the garden is most often used, it will be a pleasure to taste the fruit straight from the bushes.