Garden Design Workspace

The design window contains several elements that assist the garden design process. Here we have described the basic elements of navigating the design window.

Design Grid

Design Grid is visible on the entire screen. The grid consists of squares with a side of one meter.


Usually you will only work on a part of the project and you will often need to move the visible part to a different location on the map.

The animation below shows how to pan the screen.

Panning design window

You can do this in several ways:


  • Click the arrows at the edges of the screen – top, bottom, left, and right
  • The screen will move a little each time you click the button.

Hand Tool

  • Select the ‘hand’ tool – it is on every layer (surfaces, architecture, plants)
  • Click anywhere on the screen and, holding down the mouse button, move the screen.

You can move the screen in any direction this way.