Landscape Design Application

If you are a DIY person, use our garden design application to create your own landscape design

Garden Design Services

If you prefer someone else to do the heavy lifting for you, let our landscape architects create a design that you want

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We have just finished renovating our house. As usual, the budget was pretty tight. We wanted to do all the gardening ourselves and found your garden design application really helpful.

Bozena, new home owner

Gardening is my passion. Your application helps me to get through the winter. I use the long evenings to plan changes that I will implement during spring.

Zofia, retired, gardening enthusiast

Why Garden Design Application?

You probably know this story, as it happened to us personally and to most of our friends:

You got a new house. You’ve spend too much on interior. And then there’s the garden… Here’s the good news. We can help you to do it yourself.

We have built an online garden design application for home owners. It will enable you to design your yard the way you want it.

Use survey map as a background to work to exact scale

Choose from over 800+ plant species

Use 3D preview to visualise your work

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Increase the value of your property

Did you know that improving your garden yields the highest return on investment out of all home improvements?